• Presence building, reputation management and communication advice

    We will help you firmly establish your organisation in Brussels. In an environment where reputation is everything the contents of your message as well as the way in which you convey it are crucial elements in determining the effectiveness of your message.

  • EU monitoring and analysis

    Once we have identified key EU policy issues of direct relevance to your business, we will closely monitor these items from the very early stages and throughout the decision-making process. You will know the exact status of developing legislation at all times, enabling you to intervene when and where appropriate.

  • Tailored EU newsletters

    When regulations reach the Member State, it is often too late. Through regular newsletters, tailored to your organisation, you will be updated constantly on upcoming and on-going EU initiatives that may affect your business.

  • Stakeholder mapping

    Who is involved in the issues your interested in? Who are potential allies, where is the competition and which policy makers do you need to talk to? By providing in-depth stakeholder analyses, we paint a clear picture of the field in which you operate.

  • Coalition Building

    Making your voice heard in Brussels is not an easy objective. In certain situations, building coalitions can strengthen your voice considerably. Though our network of stakeholders and analytic capacities and coalition building experience, we are equipped to find the right allies for your cause.

  • Strategic Advice

    Gibbels Public Affairs will help you develop your EU communication and lobby strategy. Though our extensive knowledge of the EU decision-making process end our relevant network, we can help you determine when, where and how to intervene and, where appropriate, help you carry out your lobby.

  • Press and media advice

    In any campaign, the press and other media can play an important role. We can advise your team on their media conduct as well as provide you with relevant press contacts.

  • Campaign Management

    From launch to conclusion we can manage your organisation’s campaign, tailored to your specific needs.

Welcome to Gibbels Public Affairs, a young and dynamic office that offers strategic, communication and lobby advice to companies and organisations that wish to build or strengthen their presence in Brussels or simply to find their way in the often complex EU environment.

Increasingly, companies and organisations become aware of the fact that the majority of all regulation affecting their business comes from Brussels. When a piece of legislation reaches the Member State, it is often too late to exert any meaningful influence. It is therefore crucial to be present at the very early stages of the EU decision-making process.

Through a solid network within the European Institutions as well as close links to a wide array of non-Institutional Brussels stakeholders, Gibbels Public Affairs will help you stay ahead by functioning as an early warning system to EU initiatives relevant to your organisation.

Being informed at an early stage means being able to intervene at the moments that count. Gibbels Public Affairs will help you determine your communication and lobby strategy, we provide tailored stakeholder mapping and arrange for access to EU decision-makers, relevant to your dossier.

With GPA as ‘your link to the EU’, you will always be one step ahead.

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“Patrick has made a significant difference to our work in Brussels. Through his dedication, ability to connect with people and understanding of the issues at hand, he has raised the quality of our work and the profile of our organisation. On a personal level Patrick has been the most reliable and enthusiastic person I have worked with as President of ESBA. His qualities are essential to influence in a multi-cultural arena such as Brussels and I can only recommend his services to anyone who needs assistance to make a difference.”

Tina Sommer President, European Small Business Alliance